Different types of spam emails. Never reply to Scam emails.
2019-10-18 | by SyntaxLogics

Different types of spam emails. Never reply to Scam emails.

If you are an internet user, you probably have an email account as well. And you might have got one of those spam emails that sometimes managed to get through your spam filter and they turned up in your inbox.

Scary thing happens when you start replying to scam emails. It’s really difficult to ignore sometime. I don’t think anyone should reply to these scammers. There are a lot of people who do reply to these scam emails and it became their lesson for life.

If you are ever going to reply to any scam email, it is highly recommended that you should get yourself a pseudonymous email address.

Do not use your own personal email address. If you use your own email to reply to these scam emails it will turn out to be a nightmare. You would wake up in the morning and have a thousand emails about dirty porn, penis enlargement and other these kinds of emails.

So how you can find out it’s a scam or not.

If you receive an email that begins like

‘I have an interesting business proposal I want to share with you if you are interested reply to this email’

These scammers mostly like to target online business owners, for example, you might have a business website that represents your local or international business it could be an E-commerce website or it might be a corporate consultancy type website. If you have a website you surely have an official email address or a contact form on your website.

Why do people reply to spam emails because they are preposterous. It might be discount offer or these scammers might use your personal information or they might be threatening you to get your attention. They usually used some sort of phishing emails or masking techniques to trick you.

As a website Development Company we have a lot of websites of our client and we received a lot of scam emails. These scammers are different types and they all used different sort of thing.

For Example. Following are some different types of spam emails you might have received one of those in your life.

  • The scam email is might from an NGO who pledged you to donate to poor.
  • It might be from a security agency how wants to know your bank or credit card details.
  • It might be an ad agency who wants you to click on their ads.
  • It might be from a hacker who tricks you to get your email account’s password.
  • It might be a discount offer like someone in Africa wants to sell his iPhone 11 at $ 100. It sounds silly, but people often get scammed.
  • It might be from Uganda, Nigeria or African officials who wants to send Gold or Diamond. Believe me or not people do receive emails from Nigerian Prince or from the President of Uganda.

It might be a threat email or ransomeware like you are getting hacked or your bank accounts have been hacked, do the following steps to recover your account and when you do so. You definitely got yourself scammed.

It might be from a law firm who is trying to recover Millions of Dollars of his dead client or they talk about unclaimed insurance bonds and they often sends you some legal documents as a proof. They will guarantee you that the transaction is risk free and you will get a huge amount out of it.

We recently got an email from a person who was representing a company and he told us that if we have not subscribed to his YouTube channel he will continue spam attach on our domain to get it deindexed by google.

Here is what he said.

“I am writing to you from --. You have ignored all
of my previous emails and right now, we have started creating a tons of
spam backlinks from porn, loan, viagra and Indian sites which will
down your site and get it deindexed from Google. However, I come to you in
good faith and ask you to do the following in order for us to stop the spam
attach on your website.
Like one of our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Buy a product from our site.
Leave us a 5 star review on TrustPilot with some good words
Once you have done that, reply to us and we will stop the spam attach on
your site”

Scary is not it?

Believe us these all are scams. Never reply or do what they are saying. If you think you got hacked or you have been tricked. Connect with the local authorities and consult professionals. They are cyber criminals who misuse people information all they want is your bank details or your personal information.

If you have been blackmailed contact local authorities. You can read more about Cyber Crime on FBI’s website