Free and best tools to analyze and optimize your website
2019-07-19 | by SyntaxLogics

Free and best tools to analyze and optimize your website

In todays world only having a good looking website is not enough in order to get business through it you will need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO is usually described in two ways ON PAGE and OFF PAGE SEO. So to start SEO of a website it is very important to start with ON PAGE SEO. If your web pages are not optimized you will not get the best out of your OFF PAGE SEO.

So how can we properly optimize our website? There are penalties of seo analysis tools available online to do so, some of them are free and some of them are paid Here we will tell you about the free and best tools to analyze and optimize your website.

1 - Google Page Insights

Google Page Insights is not actually gonna help you to optimize your website, but it is a great free tool to analyze website performance and issues for both mobile and desktop devices. Open in your browser, enter your website's link and hit analyze. It will start analyzing your website. After it is done, you will able to see your website score for mobile and desktop devices.

The main reason I have chosen Google Page Insights first on my list is because it is from Google itself and the issues it will hightlight are actually gonna help to improve your website performance. Click on the warnings and errors, Google, Page Insights will reveal the issue and solution in brief. Google Page Insights is surely one of the best seo website analyzers.

seo analysis tool

2 - GTMetrix

How to optimize website speed? Is a question everyone is asking. GtMetrix is the best and free tools to optimize website available on the internet today. Open your browser and visit , enter your website's URL and click analyze. After analyzing your website it will generate your website Performance Scores (PageSpeed Score, YSlow Score) and Page Details (Fully Loaded Time, Total Page Size, Requests etc).

GtMetrix is best website optimization tools because it will not only point out the issue, but also it will give you a proper solution for example If your website does not have fully optimized images (which is a very common issue) It will analyze your website's images and give you an optimized version of each image. GtMetrix will surely help you to speed up your website.

free tools to optimize website

3 - Pindom Solarwinds

Pingdom is actually a paid tool to monitor your website performance. You can request a demo plus it offers 14-Days Free Trail. We are not here for paid seo analysis tool the reason I have mentioned Pingdom is it also have a basic free interface go to enter your website and select test from. Pindom offers various locations from where you can hit your website like

  • Asia - Japan - Tokyo
  • Europe - Germany - Frankfurt
  • Europe - United Kingdom - London
  • Noth America - USA - Washington
  • Noth America - USA - San Francisco
  • Pacific - Australia - Sydney
  • South America - Brazil - Sao Paulo

And that makes Pingdom one of the best free tools to analyze website. You can test your website performance for your targeted locations.

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4 - Light House (Extension)

As earlier, I have mentioned Google Page Insights The speed score is based on lighthouse analysis. So my fourth best is light house (Chrome Extension) itself.

To free seo analysis open Your chrome browser add Light house extension in your browser open your website and click on extension. The reason I'm mentioning Light house because it will expand analysis it will surely explain more on page issues then you have seen on google page insights which makes it one of the best seo website analyzers and it is free also.

best seo website analyzers

5 - Chrome Developer Tools

Yes you have read it right. Chrome Developer tool has its own web page audit feature. Simply open your website and find audits on developer’s panel select right option from the device , audit, throttling and press run audits. It is It is one of the free tools to analyze website that makes it worth discussing.

free tools to analyze website